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DID YOU KNOW??         (here are some fun facts that you may not have known about RAGDOLLS  SEE EXAMPLES OF COLORS  BELOW

Did you know that ragdolls will alert you when they smell fire or something burning in the house?.....Yes a ragdoll will meow and nag at you if they smell fire or smoke in the home (possibly saving your life)

Did you know a ragdoll can tell if your sick......... Ragdolls have a very keen instinct and KNOW when you are under the weather..

Did you know that ragdolls know what time it is?.........  Ragdolls know what time of day it is and will be waiting for you at the door when you come home from work.. 

Did you know that radolls become concerned if you sleep in late?........  Try it sometime  if you are late getting up in the morning your ragdoll will meow and pace making sure you get up!..They are becoming concerned that something may not be ok with you!!

Did you know?  your ragdoll will come and get you if they hear someone drop off a package at the door? Most ragdolls will come and meow at you if they heard something at the door and make sure you go see... A ragdoll is a very caring loving family pet that has the compassion of an ANGEL!!    THEY ARE a true gift to all that owns one..... 

COLORS OF RAGDOLLS  ........we do not breed lynx or flame point

Below..Here is one of our past kitten all grown up...His name is MINGO ...Mingo is a seal mitted MINK with a blaze.This photo is proudly hanging on the wall at the minnesota state capital where his mama works ..Peggy makes fun videos and writes fun stories about Mingo..he has quite the character not to mention his handsome good looks!

Ragdoll cats are legend to have the souls of humans. When they look at you they look into your eyes and listen to what you have to say. This breed is known for their compassion and gentle loving nature. They are said to bring a positive energy into the household you bring them into.Thats why they are very beneficial to those who may be somewhat depressed or may live alone. Ragdolls are very unique, for the reason that they accept dogs and consider them a playmate. There are many stories about where the ragdolls actually came from, but no one really knows the exact origin. There are so many tales told that the actual origination has never been officially documented. Whatever they came from will always be a gift from the angels. Ragdolls have a wonderful coat with a rabbit like texture and because of that they do not matt up as easy such as the other breeds for example persian cats who need constant brushing. Thats not to say they would not enjoy a good brushing. Ragdolls love to be brushed and will roll and roll with delight when getting the grooming. Brushing also helps with bonding because its a kind of loving gesture to the cat. My goal as a breeder is to preserve this breeds exceptional qualities .. keeping the wonderful personalities and health. Many people still do not know what a ragdoll is..But it seems when someone does meet one..the ragdoll will put a footprint on their memory..and when someone finally owns their own ragdoll that footprint will last for the rest of that persons life.. THE RAGDOLL IS TRULY A REMARKABLE BREED


North Branch minnesota

BELOW..this is MINGO when he was 8 weeks old..Note how different the color is as a youngster. As a MINK matures the color becomes richer and deeper, developing into a striking vivid color contrast

Below..past kitten from DIDI retired)   and RIO..Here is an example blue point MINK..Note the silver rich color  this kitten has the aqua eyes..

BELOW..SEAL MITTED MINK . son of Hermione and Rio....Traditional kittens are born white but this kitten is a mink and born with his mink color at birth

Below..SEAL POINT KITTEN...note the dark mask and mittens

Below is an example of a BLUE MITTED KITTEN..she has the grayish coloring and faint white mittens.This kitten has the mask on the face 

Below  SEAL POINT KITTENS..these lil cuties are an example of seal points..Note the very dark almost black mask around the face and the dark markings on the feet They have no mittens so they are seal points..

BELOW BLUE BICOLOR..this kitten is an example of a blue bicolor..She has a uniform white blaze on her face and high white stockings that go all the way up her legs..She has the grayish face and tail 

  About the Mink.. They were founded from the original ragdolls in Ann Bakers breeding  program in the 70's...Many folks fell in love with this rich mohogany color and continued the bloodlines .We find the fur to be super silky and the personalities super. Depending on the dilute or sepia they can carry more greenish or aqua eye color  .. MINKS are TICA registered ragdolls

SEAL MINK below.....HERE IS RIO OUR KING HERE AT ANGELKISSED..RIO IS AN EXAMPLE OF A SEAL POINT MINK..Note the rich color..The faint stripes are called ghost striping, and fades away as the cat matures

Kind look and sweet expression, the Ragdoll  CAT is one one the most sought after breeds of today!!

Ragdolls originated in california by Ann Baker in the 1960's. She developed the very first foundation stock from which all ragdolls come from. As Ann grew older she had eccentric claims where her ragdolls came from , one which stated the  that the university of california had unfused human genes into the cats ..since her passing, new lines of ragdolls were blended to create the ragdolls of today.Some of our cats come from direct lineage to the cats held in her photos below...Thanks to Ann,  the ragdoll has become one of the most beloved cat in the world, and gaining popularity every year!!        below  ( ANN BAKER

Interested in a ragdoll book? FOR ALL RAGDOLL LOVERS..A book written by Kimberly Maxwell . Lots of photos and info and even has photos of angelkissed ragdolls.!! (THANK YOU KIM )   A well written book for all ragdoll lovers!!

   BELOW....This is a RARE photo of Josephine from back in the early 60's ..The foundation mother of all ragdolls. She was a white Van type cat. Pictured here with her first litter, bred by the next door Tom cat , believed to be a birman type.. Ann kept a male kitten back and named him Raggety Ann Daddy Warbucks.....In turn this led to the most lovable breed in the country. The RAGDOLL CAT

For those of you that have purchased kittens from us,check out FLOPPYCATS .COM   You can write a story ,send pictures and be seen on a website by thousands all over the world by ragdoll lovers like you...Communicate with other pet owners on any questions you may have about the breed  Author Jenny Dean has  tons of  fun imformation for ragdoll owners all over the world!!   

See Hobbs, Harlow, Maddie, Huck, Buzz and Coco owned by Jennys family,  all born and bred here at Angelkissed Ragdolls!

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