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DID YOU KNOW??         (here are some fun facts that you may not have known about RAGDOLLS  SEE EXAMPLES OF COLORS  BELOW

Did you know that ragdolls will alert you when they smell fire or something burning in the house?.....Yes a ragdoll will meow and nag at you if they smell fire or smoke in the home (possibly saving your life)

Did you know a ragdoll can tell if your sick......... Ragdolls have a very keen instinct and KNOW when you are under the weather..

Did you know that ragdolls know what time it is?.........  Ragdolls know what time of day it is and will be waiting for you at the door when you come home from work.. 

Did you know that radolls become concerned if you sleep in late?........  Try it sometime  if you are late getting up in the morning your ragdoll will meow and pace making sure you get up!..They are becoming concerned that something may not be ok with you!!

Did you know?  your ragdoll will come and get you if they hear someone drop off a package at the door? Most ragdolls will come and meow at you if they heard something at the door and make sure you go see... A ragdoll is a very caring loving family pet that has the compassion of an ANGEL!!    THEY ARE a true gift to all that owns one..... 

Are you looking for a ragdoll book? Author Kim Maxwell has written a fun, informational book about ragdolls with plenty of photos,tips and even has featured of few of our past kitten photos from angelkissed!!  (below)

Released in 2012

You can find Kims book on!
Below )  seal mink brother and sister  past kittens not for sale

   BELOW....This is a RARE photo of Josephine from back in the early 60's ..The foundation mother of all ragdolls. She was a white Van type cat. Pictured here with her first litter, bred by the next door Tom cat , believed to be a birman type.. Ann kept a male kitten back and named him Raggety Ann Daddy Warbucks.....In turn this led to the most lovable breed in the country. The RAGDOLL CAT

This is a photo from the 1960' showing ANN BAKER holding FUGIANNA, one of the original foundation cats from california..Some of our cats are direct descendants to her cats..Ann was also the creator of the original MINK ragdolls...Many breeders of today are still breeding the mink lines 

Rare photo of JOSEPHINE  the original ragdoll mother   (Riverside california)

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