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WE RAISE SEALS BLUE AND MINKS   Mink ragdolls carry aqua color eyes that may cast a green tint..Our ragdolls are bred from the older foundation lines, which go back to the original ANN BAKER cats created in the 1960's

Below  PAST KITTEN from DAISY AND RIO   seal mink mitted  not for sale

Below..seal point kitten   (past kitten  not for sale)

Below...seal MINK point named JOEY...enjoying his new home...   past kitten not for sale

Below..seal point kitten (past kitten Not for sale)  ragdolls are sometimes referred to as the PUPPY CAT..since they act like little puppies ..They are one of the few breeds that will actually make a friend and  playmate out of a dog

Below  Blue mitted kitten( past kitten Not for sale)

Past kittens below..When Life gets tough,  we need to stick together ..take care of each other