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ABOUT ME  Gail Vettel

I was never really a cat person..I always liked dogs, and the cats I did end up adopting from humane societys or just getting free kittys here and there , always seemed to have some kind of problems ,either mentally  or had issues...or did some kind of weird things like going to the bathroom on my PILLOW !!!  (which was the last straw for me....) Then one day I met a RAGDOLL kitty....and they changed my life. I have to say I have never ever met such a loving sweet well behaved cat .It seems like they all  have alittle PUPPY DOG bred in to them, and they have stayed in my life since then..They are little angels and thats how I named my cattery Angelkissed Rgadolls Chocolate Angel and

me ..1998 (ABOVE)  ..     BO (my Palimino horse.BELOW)  Ever since I was a small child I was crazy about animals..Dog , cats , small critters and especially  HORSES  got me so excited I couldnt think about much else in life.  Some people say that I have a (way) with animals..Simply speaking, animals are very keen at sensing things and have instincts ..they can feel how you move , or speak , or the way you touch them..They KNOW things that we all cannot understand..If we all take the time to stop and slow down from all the hectic chaos of life.. and reach out to the love of a creature that good things may come.. Its called LOVE...Whatever you put out there will always come back...animals teach us things ..We dont teach them..Thank you to all of the folks out there that have brought home one of my angels...A kitty from Angelkissed Ragdolls !!!!  GAIL VETTEL...

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