seal point brothers owned and loved by the ashbachs

twin brothers from Star and Teddy

past kitten from Crystal and Teddy

past kitten from Monkey girl (retired) and Capn Nimo below

 Angelkissed Sophia ..below.. owned and loved by Gary S.

..Rare blue mink  From MOCA and NIMO

below  past kittens from Winnie and Nimo

  ALL ARE PAST KITTENS BELOW...Kitten from Winnie and by Karen Bitterman

    THESE ARE ALL PAST KITTENS   (not for sale)  below Maddie see on floppycats  


from Star of Angelkissed 

  Below  Cheetah and her kitten...cheetah has retired.. CHECK OUT FLOPPYCATS .COM   Website for all cats lovers especially RAGDOLLS  See MADDIE ,HOBBS ,HARLOW ,BUZZ, AND COCO  All from Angelkssed ragdolls.. Website owner Jenny Dean has care tips ,cat products, medical info and helps with ragdoll rescues..You can even write a story about your cat..Its free

from April and Nimo

past kittens from Monkey girl  and Nimo below

 below...past kitty from Star  and Nimo


from cheetah and nimo 

past kitten from monkey and nimo...

from Monkey girl and Nimo

pasr kitten from Winnie and Nimo  below

past kittens fro April and Nimo below

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